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BitcoinFunction is pre-loaded with:

bitcoinjs-lib, the most versatile and powerful javascript bitcoin library ever built, allowing you to perform secure cryptographic functions in javascript without needing to run a node. To access the built-in library use b. followed by bitcoin to use the library. BIP39 library is available under hd..
buidljs, a less powerful but easy-to-use plug-in built on top of bitcoinjs-lib. Great for beginners. To access buidljs use buidl..
jQuery is pre-loaded.


jquery use $.getJSON() to fetch address balance from API example:

websocket example fetching and displaying a live updating price widget

buidljs generate random address example:

buidljs create a brain wallet example:

bitcoinjs-lib (version 3.3.2) sweep a bech32 private key example:

bitcoinjs-lib (version 3.3.2) generate 12-word mnemonic and derive key pairs example:

To include on your project, save the below (3) javascript files:
- buidl.js SHA256 7e53e7f73300a810e2e892e33ca26a33ef739c58d4fbf738802de97389a6d51e
- bitcoin.js SHA256 fa999808487083e5f2c3c62433cfc0de955c8ba824d3605a186e5daa8fc19943
- hd.js SHA256 23a54df5fd840ebd62088aad6907e8035b7346913fbc3792e01de6cb07a28379fil

Include each script in your HTML head tags: